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Gower Show 2017

This was the Official Opening of the Honey Tent in a larger than normal marquee and with a new entrance portal ...

Official Opening of the Honey Tent by World Renowned Show Judge Mr Bernard Diaper - from left Gill Lyons (Gower Show Secretary), Dexter Ford (Steward), Jackie Ford (Steward), Shirley Diaper (Judge's Assistant), Bernard Diaper (Honey Show Judge), Bill Fisher (Judge's Assistant), Sue Carter (Judge's Assistant), David O'Carroll (Chairman SDBKS) and Dale Lyons (Honey Tent Chief Steward)

... but before this could happen there was a lot of setting up and preparation ...

David, John and Barry assembling sections of new portal

Is the Treasurer calculating the cost of new portal or just providing a bit of support
One of several volunteers helping to set up the Honey Tent and Bee Experience
Ciaran hard at it sinking the power cable
Well, someone's got to sit on the chair - Dexter after a hard morning's graft

And on the day of the show ...

Booking In - Miriam and Jonathan helping some early victims to register for the Bee Experience

Early eager visitors queuing to register for the Bee Tent
A smiling Gerti and her slightly daunted looking daughter .... and the Sec looks like he's going to eat his hat
Getting kitted up to go into the Bee Tent - Peter sizes up a customer for a bee suit
The drawing area for children - Look at the concentration!
All local honey!
More local honey for sale - from Three Crosses and Norton
More local honey for sale - from the Uplands

and not forgetting the show entries themselves ...

Class 2 - First Prize Entry for Composite (Emyr Jenkins)
Class 3 - Wax Table Decoration Entries
Class 14 - A Pair of Candles
Class 21 - Fruit Honey Cake Entries
Class 22 - Decorated Honey Cake Entry

and the centrepiece ...

What a stunning display!

Did someone mention prizes? Yes there were a 122 entries and you can see the full list of gower show results