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Bee Tent

The Bee Experience – the bees need you!

Swansea and District Beekeepers' Society has, once again, been invited to take the "Bee Experience" to a number of shows this year, please see events calendar for dates and venues.

For anyone who isn't familiar with the bee experience, we provide visitors with complete protective clothing (suit, gloves and boots), and invite them to experience honeybees "on the wing", inside a bee proof tent.  Whilst Inside the bee tent they are able to participate while a hive of bees is opened and can see at first hand the fascinating organisation within.  It is a fabulous way to engage people with a very important "creepy crawly" that they might otherwise see only as a target for a rolled up newspaper! It is a fantastic opportunity to encourage people (both children and adults) to consider the many positive attributes of bees, and their considerable significance to us.

We are always in need of assistance with the event and welcome any assistance from members of other beekeeping associations/societies. We usually ask volunteers to spend half a day stewarding with us in exchange for a free entry pass to the respective show/event!  What we can say is that sharing some of the “secrets” about the bees with members of the public is always interesting.  It is also a great opportunity to meet up with other beekeepers to talk bees - someone always has a tip about bees that you haven’t come across before!  It doesn’t matter what level of beekeeping experience you have – your enthusiasm for bees is what we need!

If you would like any more information or wish to help us at any of the shows, please contact Martin Davies


A young visitor to the bee experience