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Education & Courses

Taster Days   

These are normally held once a month on a Saturday (weather permitting) from 10am to 4pm, during the summer season. The cost is £25 per person.

The morning session (10am - 12noon) is classroom based and looks at the life cycle of the bee.

Lunch is 12noon - 1pm and you will need to bring your own lunch.

The afternoon session (1pm - 4pm) is in the apiary; we will supply you with a beesuit and gloves but you will need to bring your own Wellington boots. After demonstrating how to go through a hive, you will have an opportunity to go through hives yourself, under supervision of course.

Beginners' Course 

We run courses  each year for people wishing to become beekeepers, providing you with a basic knowledge and understanding of bees and beekeeping. Details of our next course are:

Start date: February, 2019 (actual date to be decided)

Time:  7 pm - 9 pm

Length of Course: 10 weeks

Location: Pontarddulais Comprehensive School, Caecerrig Road, Pontarddulais, SA4 8PD

Cost: (For 2018) £75 (Single) or £130 (Joint) - which includes a 10 week theory course, practical sessions in the Society Apiary at Llys Nini, Penllergaer every weekend through the beekeeping season and full membership of the Society. Membership of the Society also includes other benefits.

If you would like further information about either the Taster Days or the Beginners' Course please contact us. However, should you wish to register for the next Beginners' Course please download either the Registration Form and complete it electronically or the Registration Form (pdf version). Full details of how to pay and where to send the completed form can be found on the 'notes' page of the form.

[If the links above do not work it is because the current year's forms have been removed and next years have not been finalised]

Basic Assessment Study Group

Once you have managed at least one colony of bees for a minimum of 12 months you are eligible to take your Basic Assessment in beekeeping. This is a practical assessment of your basic beekeeping skills and a discussion on various aspects of the beekeeping year. We run annual study groups for people who would like to take their assessment (or people who would just like to study more), and spending a weekend in the apiary practising for the assessment. Any one interested should contact the Education Officer (Nicola Oulton) or if you would like more information or details of the syllabus please take a look at the WBKA (Welsh Beekeeping Association).

[Details of when and where these will be held will be posted once interest has been established and details agreed.]

Module Study Groups

There are 7 modular exams that can be taken after gaining the Basic Assessment. Each module looks at a different aspect of beekeeping. We will put together study groups or tutorial groups for people interested in any of the modular exams. If you are interested in sitting any of these modules, please contact the Education Officer (Nicola Oulton). If you need any further information about the modular exams system have a look at the BBKA information.

[Details of when and where these will be held will be posted once interest has been established and details agreed.] 

Microscopy Course

The details of the next tutorial are as follows:-

Date: TBA
Location: Pontarddulais Comprehensive School (Caecerrig Road, Pontarddulais, SA4 8PD)
Start time: 11.30 a.m.
Finish time: 3 p.m. (approx)
Cost: £5.00 per person (to cover consumables - chemicals, slides etc - and room hire)
The course will look at dissection of the honey bee with the aim of looking at the alimentary tract of the bee and will also include an Acarine and Nosema study.
Participants must bring about 20 freshly killed bees and, if you have them, a dissecting microscope and dissecting tools would be useful.
Places will be limited by the number of dissecting microscopes available on the day.
If you would like to attend this session please contact Stephen Davies but it will be on a first come first serve basis.